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Cerita Dalam Bahasa Inggris dengan Tense(Penanda Waktu)

dua wanita sedang asik berbicara

Cerita dalam bahasa inggris - Belajar bahasa inggris untuk para pelajar yang masih duduk dibangku sekolah, memang terkadang menjadikan tantangn yang cukup menarik. 

Selain dengan adanya motivasi untuk tetap belajar bahasa inggris, yang dianggap sebagai bahasa penghubung jika sedang berada dinegeri orang. 

Belajar bahasa inggris juga dapat meningkatkan kepercayaan diri dari seseorang yang sedang mempelajari bahasa ini.

Untuk para pemula yang sedang belajar bahasa inggris, tentu masih cukup banyak kesulitan yang sering mereka temui.

Mulai dari kewalahan untuk memahami percakapan karena memiliki vocabulary atau kosa-kata yang sedikit, sampai ada beberapa ‘istilah gaul’ yang terdapat dalam bahasa inggris yang membuat para pemula bingung untuk memahami maksud dari kalimat yang ada.

Karena kesulitan yang cukup sering ditemui oleh para pemula inilah mimin coba untuk membantu dengan memberikan contoh percakapan bahasa inggris. 

Dengan sering membaca tulisan berbahasa inggris ini, akan membantu kita untuk dapat lebih terbiasa lagi untuk membaca dan juga memahami maksud dari percakapan berbahasa inggris.

Dibawah ini akan ada 3 contoh percakapan sehari-hari berbahasa inggris yang diberikan, yang pertama adalah percakapan masa lalu(past), percakapan masa sekarang(present) dan percakapan masa mendatang(future).

Mari simak dan baca dengan teliti percakapan dibawah.

Percakapan tentang masa lalu(past tense)

seorang wanita dan pria yang sedang duduk dengan suasana masa lalu

  • Rio: Hey Andy, last night i heard that your house was got stollen. Is that right?
  • Andy: Ya, that’s true. 
  • Rio: Ah really? What things that has been stollen by the thief?
  • Andy: I don’t know for sure, but what i know is my father’s car is gone, the new one.
  • Rio: Emm, how can that happen anyway? Did your family not even know if there was someone who got into your house?
  • Andy: No, none of us knew about it till my parents woke up to pray subuh at 5 AM
  • Rio: So, all of your family not even heard some weird sounds? 
  • Andy: I did not hear anyting at that moment, since you know if my room is in the second floor. While my parent’s room is kind of far from the garage.
  • Rio: But what about your brother? Didn’t he stay in the first floor, and sleep near the garage!
  • Andy: Nah Rio, i think this is what is called with God will.
  • Rio: Why?
  • Andy: Because last night, none of us can do anything to prevent that thing happen. First my brother was not at home, he stayed with his friends in Bali for about 2 weeks, while my parents were just coming back from wedding event, so they got tired and sleeping without notice if there was something wrong at our home.
  • Rio: I see. It seems really unlucky night for your family right?
  • Andy: Yah it was. But right now my parents already did some of report to the police, to catch the doer.
  • Rio: That was a great step then, hopefully the police will catch them soon.
  • Andy: We really wanted the does get caught, cause that car is my father’s beloved car though.
  • Rio: I knew that, you told the story about how your father can get that car before.
  • Andy: Hahah, upss i am kind of forgot about it.
  • Rio: The important thing is, i hope your family won’t get any unlucky night like what happend last night.
  • Andy: I also hope like that, and for your family too for sure.
  • Rio: Ok Andy, so keep strong.
  • Andy: Thanks friend!

Percakapan tentang saat ini(present)

pria dan wanita yang sedang berkencan

  • Dewi: Shinta, what are you doing right now?
  • Shinta: Nothing, i just check on my instagram feed.
  • Dewi: So, you are not doing your homework?
  • Shinta: I am not going to do that here, so better for me to relax first.
  • Dewi: Sure, we can stay here a little bit longer for relaxing our mind.
  • Shinta: Haha you are right.
  • Dewi: And what about you? What are you doing anyway? You also not do your homework right now?
  • Shinta: Hmm, actually i want to ask to you about our school’s homework.
  • Dewi: Ask what?
  • Shinta: There are some parts that i still don’t understand.
  • Dewi: Which part?
  • Shinta: I can’t remember it right now, but if you bring the book here so i will tell you which part that i still don’t  get it.
  • Dewi: So funny you are Shinta!
  • Shinta: Wait, but why?
  • Dewi: Of course you are so funny, you come here to ask me some parts that you still don’t understand. But you hope if i bring the book here right now.
  • Shinta: Hehehe, sorry Dewi.
  • Dewi: It is fine for me, but you must be disiplince for yourself first.
  • Shinta: Ya, that is true.
  • Dewi: You can ask me anything you want, but if there will be needed anything else, then you should prepare it carefully.
  • Shinta: I really forget to bring the book here, i think if you bring the book. Since you are in the library.
  • Dewi: I come here to read some of book which i have not read it yet, not for learing a book that i bring from school.
  • Shinta: I should be like you Dew.
  • Dewi: Calm! Hahha don’t be so strict!
  • Shinta: I will dew, so thank you very much for suggesting me that advice though.
  • Dewi: You are welcome, and don’t forget to ask me anything you don’t undertsand, as long as i know what that is, then i will try to help you with my best helping.
  • Shinta: So happy to be a friend with you!
  • Dewi: I help anybody which needs help Shin, so that is what i like.
  • Shinta: Ok dew, anyway this is a lunch time. Don’t you want to have some foods with me?
  • Dewi: Oh yaa, i want to have some foods as well.
  • Shinta: So, let’s go right now right?
  • Dewi: I read the rest of this book, then we will have some foods soon.
  • Shinta: Nice idea!

Percakapan masa datang(future)

Pelukan para sahabat yang begitu hangat

  • Maya: We will go to Bali by this weekend!
  • Ranti: Uhh, with whom you will be there anyway?
  • Maya: Just some of my friends in the class, and also my older sister.
  • Ranti: How long will you all be staying there?
  • Maya: We have not think that yet, but maybe it’s just for one week.
  • Ranti: Nice! Can i come with you all?
  • Maya: I don’t know, but i will ask to my friends first.
  • Ranti: We will be a good friends in there right?
  • Maya: Yes we will, but there is something that will have problem if we not thinking it right now.
  • Ranti: What is that? What thing will be the problem in that place?
  • Maya: So, we have booked the ticket of a plan to go to Bali yesterday for 10 people. Cause in that time there was discount, so we booked it. And if you want to come with us, i will ask to my friends first if there will still be available the seat for you.
  • Ranti: You want to ask them first? 
  • Maya: Because my friends who will be there is just 8 people, but one of them said if she will bring another friend to make it become full for 10 seat in the plane.
  • Ranti: You all have not yet get 10 people for that plane right?
  • Maya: Yes we have not, so that is why i better to ask them first. And if my friend will just bring one person, then you will be the tenth people here.
  • Ranti: That will be great then, i hope they will just bring one person here. So i can come with you.
  • Maya: I also hope if she will just bring one person here, i also want you to come with us.
  • Ranti: Oh thank you Maya.
  • Maya: We will have fun in Bali islands soon, and i won’t miss some happy moment with my friends thougth, especially you.
  • Ranti: It’s same, i also will ask you to come with me if i will plan to go on a holiday.
  • Maya: Anyway, we also will do camping in Nusa Penida Bali for about 3 days.
  • Ranti: Nusa Penida, the great place for taking a photo right?
  • Maya: Yes that’s it. The one which get so many share on the internet.
  • Ranti: That place will be an awsome place for the young people like us, especially if we want to do camping there. But will we be allowed to stay there for some days?
  • Maya: There is a place for doing camping in Nusa Penida, so we will stay at there without have to worry if we will get mad by any other people.
  • Ranti: I see, hope we will go there soon!
  • Maya: Let us ask my friends first.
  • Ranti: Sure, where she is right now?
  • Maya: Usually my friends will come to my house at 2 PM.
  • Ranti: It is already 1.30 PM, we have to wait here then.
  • Maya: That’s true, just wait in here. And they will come here.

Beberapa dari percakapan diatas merupakan daily conversation yang  santai. Percakapan semacam ini sering ditemui ketika kita sedang berdiskusi bersama teman, entah itu untuk membicarakan tentang yang telah terjadi, untuk menanyakan yang sedang terjadi saat ini, dan juga bisa untuk mengatakan tentang rencana mengenai masa depan.

Jika kalian menginginkan Cerita dalam bahasa inggris lagi, nanti akan mimin bikin. Silahkan tulis saja dikolom komentar dibawah.

Hanya itu saja dulu yang dapat mimin bantu kepada teman-teman sekalian untuk belajar bahasa inggris, dan semoga dengan giatnya teman-teman berlatih maka akan lebih mudah lagi untuk dapat memahami serta menggunakan bahasa inggris sebagai bahasa sehari-hari.

Sekian dulu, mimin pamit dan salam sukses :D

Selalu mencoba menjadi yang terbaik dan berusaha untuk dapat memberikan penjelasan yang mudah dipahami.