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25 Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8(MUDAH, PILIHAN GANDA)

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Sebagai bentuk dari pembelajaran disekolah, kita akan melakukan latihan soal bahasa inggris kelas 8. Dengan ini, dapat menguji seberapa paham diri kita mengerti akan materi yang sudah dipelajari.

Untuk guru disekolah, mungkin contoh soal pilihan ganda kelas 8 smp/mts dapat dijadikan referensi. Dengan itu, kami akan beri link download dibawah.

Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Bagi teman-teman, adik-adik kami para pelajar di indonesia. Kalian bisa gunakan waktu dengan baik, dan cermat. Agar bisa mengukur seberapa paham diri kalian.

Oleh karena itu, belajar lah dengan giat. Rajin, usaha, dan doa perlu diutamakan. Digerus setiap hari nya, agar mendapat berkah dalam aktifitas belajar.

Berikut latihan soal bahasa inggris kelas 8 SMP/MTS

  • Siapkan Buku/Kertas dan Pena
  • Pastikan tidak ada suara bising(Agar lebih nyaman)
  • Berdoa sebelum memulai

Read the short story below, to answer the question number 1 - 5.
In the last holiday i had this season is, when i went to Bandung. In Bandung, you can find a lot of things. And in this time, i was going there with my family, my big family. I have my sister comes, i have my mom, my brother and my father. We were really having fun at that moment. Especially on 23rd June is my father's birthday. He was very happy, cause his family gave a great surprise to him.

1. What is the topic of this passage?
A. Visiting uncle's house
B. Singing in London
C. Having fun in the garden
D. Last time holiday with family

2. Where did they go on the last holiday?
A. Jakarta
B. Bali
C. Palembang
D. Bandung

3. How many people went in Bandung?
A. Five
B. Six
C. Three
D. Only one

4. What happened on 23rd June?
A. Maya's birthday
B. Uncle's party
C. Sibling's wedding
D. Father's birthday

5. What his father feel about it?
A. Happy, cause he got surprise
B. Sad, nobody remember his day
C. Casually, not happen anything
D. Sick

Fill the blank in the following text, and make it as a great text!

Yesterday, I (6___) to fadli's house. I (7___) a promising to him, to finish our homework. But, (8____) I came, he didn't at home. And then his mom (9____) asking me to wait for a minute. Not long after that, he came. I (10___) really excited, and we (11___) doing the task. (12___) was a nice afternoon to have the task done.

6. The perfect word to complete number 6 is?
A. Am
B. Are
C. Came
D. Come

7. The perfect word to fill number 7 is?
A. Had
B. Have
C. Has
D. Done

8. The perfect word to fill number 8 is?
A. When
B. Where
C. Who
D. How

9. The perfect word to fill number 9 is?
A. Is
B. Was
C. Am
D. Do

10. The perfect word to fill number 10 is?
A. Felt
B. Fell
C. Fallen
D. Fall

11. The perfect word to fill number 11 is?
A. Started
B. Starts
C. Start
D. Starting

12. The perfect word to fill number 12 is?
A. It
B. Them
C. They
D. Me

Read the massage, to answer the question number 13 - 16.

Dear: Robin
The party in my house
About this massage, I want to invite you as a friend to come. I really need your help to make my event feels good. Your present will make the event more excited. Then, give a free time for this on 12th November 2020.

12th August 2020

Best regard from:
Rahmat Wijaya, Jakarta

13. What this massage talks about?
A. A party inviting
B. Wedding's day
C. Holiday at Bali
D. School event

14. When the party will happen?
A. 12th november 2019
B. 2nd July 2020
C. 3rd April 2019
D. 12th november 2020

15. Who wrote the massage?
A. Robert Anderson
B. Ilham hartawan
C. Robin
D. Rahmat wijaya

16. Whom this massage should read?
A. Rahmat Wijaya
B. Nanda Utama
C. Robin
D. Galang dirga

Give an expression of offering to someone.

17. Mr. Wijaya, ... I please borrow your book?
A. Can
B. Buy
C. Bought
D. Wait

18. Sorry, ... I ask you something about this?
A. May
B. Married
C. Marry
D. March

19. Oh .... come with me in Bali
A. Please
B. Pleasing
C. Pleases
D. Pleased

20. Hello sir, ... I help you?
A. How can
B. How not
C. Where is
D. Who are

21. You ___ so happy today!
A. Looked
B. Looks
C. Look at
D. Looked in

22. Hey, yeahh I ___ some strange sounds too!
A. Hear
B. Listen
C. Heard
D. Hearing

22. They ____ to my father about the accident
A. Tell
B. Tells
C. Telling
D. Told

23. Anggi is ____ with her mom
A. Cooking
B. Cooked
C. Cooks
D. Cook

24. They are ____ their job well
A. Finishing
B. Finish
C. Finished
D. Punish

25. I am ____ Putri in the class
A. Waiting
B. Waits
C. Waited
D. What

Kunci Jawaban
  1. 1. D
  2. 2. D
  3. 3. A
  4. 4. D
  5. 5. A
  6. 6. C
  7. 7. A
  8. 8. A
  9. 9. B
  10. 10. A
  11. 11. A
  12. 12. A
  13. 13. A
  14. 14. D
  15. 15. D
  16. 16. C
  17. 17. A
  18. 18. A
  19. 19. A
  20. 20. A
  21. 21. B
  22. 22. C
  23. 23. D
  24. 24. A
  25. 25. A

Diatas adalah, contoh latihan soal bahasa inggris kelas 8 pilihan ganda. Ada yang berupa text biasa, contoh pesan, dan mengisi kolom text yang hilang.

Klik link ini untuk download soal bahasa inggris kelas 8 SMP/MTS

Semoga dapat membantu rekan semua nya. Dan adik-adik dapat belajar bahasa inggris dengan giat!

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